TeamSpeak - Downloads
Client 32-bit 3.0.15  
SHA1: 57191b515d13251fe25ac9d8e8285ced632eb11f
Client 64-bit 3.0.15  
SHA1: c9609b62f4f6f3de566c4f3c92fddd7b0a8ab99e
Server 32-bit  
SHA1: 46e6330686cb44c15bddebbd3420237e8fc02655
Server 64-bit  
SHA1: 7d0d17cd9004154b903b34c938ec15bc2acfc85b

Mac OS X
SHA1: 7b2f98cc9ac707088efef1953eed2b8d02a20f81
SHA1: 9c0bb3995d691631c5ab4a76401b7c7eb9c82dae

Client amd64  
SHA1: c64102bd25e9619a8e81c1e2ac6732106097f36d
Client x86  
SHA1: 5cb03d8a120e345a9e0805794d84f298d326bb88
Server amd64  
SHA1: 700a7cc4225f19c4c5f9f3d5a23dc10d7819387c
Server x86  
SHA1: 50f592c0eccc256f5d08441eafa2902fe24568cf

Client 3.0.0-beta  

Server amd64  
SHA1: 2a8d867f8dd399da071314d77b0babc265ddcb58
Server x86  
SHA1: 5415a0bc4310adec3dd868dbc52a264ad3de97d1

TeamSpeak 3 SDK (for integration with existing products/services)
All Platforms 3.0.2  
SHA1: f467e9232875acf52b53116a7c70daea3486245b

Client Plugin SDK
The client plugin SDK is now included as part of the TeamSpeak 3 client, and can be found in the pluginsdk subdirectory where your TeamSpeak 3 Client is installed.

For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamSpeak 3 Client\pluginsdk

We strongly recommend that you do NOT download TeamSpeak from any website other than our own. Key reasons for this are:
  • Downloading from our site ensures that you will always have the very latest, virus-free version of our product.
  • You must acknowledge our License Agreement prior to downloading. Downloading from our website ensures that you are presented with the latest version of the TeamSpeak End User License Agreement.

You may NOT mirror our files or link directly to our files without our express, written permission. However, you may link back to our download page or our website's home page using our official Media Kit graphics. Please contact if you have any questions.